Critical Infrastructure Protection - IT and OT Convergence

Internet connectivity has changed the way critical infrastructure is controlled and secured. Operations now rely on their interaction with the information technology department to work efficiently, making integration and convergence, the key to success. Therefore, nowadays the Operation Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) are seen working hand-to-hand to secure critical infrastructures and essential business processes, despite their vast differences.

People, process and technology can be seen as the foundation for a prosperous IT/OT convergence - are organizations adopting an ongoing strategy to address convergence? 

Join this session to explore the differences when securing OT and IT domains, as well as the best practices when trying to overcome traditional communication barriers and succeed in integrating the IT/OT domain. In addition, we will present technologies that address this issue, as well as discuss the role of awareness, education, and training when preventing inside threat.

Critical Infrastructure Protection - IT and OT Convergence | Hall M - P2

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