Yuval Steinitz

Minister of Energy, Ministry of Energy

Dr. Yuval Steinitz was appointed Minister of Energy and Water (May 2015). Minister Steinitz kept his leading role on behalf of the Israeli government in the international campaign against the Iranian nuclear program and is overseeing the Israeli Atomic Energy Committee from the previous government. 

Prior to his current position, Minister Steinitz was the Minister of Intelligence 2013 - 2015. In that capacity, Dr. Steinitz was responsible for overseeing the intelligence community, including the Mossad (Israeli CIA), Shin-Bet (Israeli FBI) and Israeli Atomic Energy Committee. Minister Steinitz was also in charge of economic aspects in the Israeli-Palestinians peace talks. 

As number of the 2009 – 2013 government, Dr. Steinitz was the Finance minister. He constructed the stimulus package of 2009, and also launched the biennial budget framework (2009-2010, 2011- 2012). Dr. Steinitz later designed and implanted major reforms in the energy, technology and housing sectors. In addition, Dr. Steinitz led Israel's historic accession to the OECD in 2010. 

Before joining the government, Dr. Steinitz was a pivotal member in the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. MK Steinitz chaired the committee during 2003-2006, where he developed new jurisdictions and also initiated a few prominent parliamentary reports, mostly on intelligence topics. In this capacity, MK Steinitz co-established with Senator Jon Kyl the Joint Dialogue on Defense between US Congress and the Knesset. Dr. Steinitz is as a Knesset Member since July 1999, when replaced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Prior to joining politics, Dr. Steinitz was a philosophy professor in Haifa University, where he focused on metaphysics and philosophy of science. He was also chosen as distinguished lecturer two years in a row. He holds B.A and M.A (with honors) from the Hebrew University, and Ph.D from Tel Aviv University. In 1993 he won the Alon Scholarship, the most prestigious award for young PhDs in Israel. 

Minister Steinitz published four philosophy books, which received great public acclaim in Israel. His book, Invitation to Philosophy (1987), is the most popular philosophy book in Israel history, printed in 40 editions so far. 

During the 1980s, Dr. Steinitz was an active member of the left wing “Peace Now” movement. He moved right in 1994, following his criticism on the Oslo Peace Process. 

Minister Steinitz was an infantry combat soldier in the IDF, first in the Golani Brigade, where he took part in the Operation Litani (1978), and then in the Alexandroni Reserve Brigade, during the 1982 Lebanon War. 

Minister Steinitz is married to Justice Gila Knafi-Steinitz, and they have 3 children.


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