Carsten Meywirth

Designated Head of Cybercrime Division, Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA)

Carsten Meywirth is the designated head of the Cybercrime Division at the Bundeskriminalamt. Mr Meywirth joined the Bundeskriminalamt in 1987 after completing his training as a police officer at the uniform branch in Lower Saxony. Mr Meywirth has held various managerial positions in the Central Services Division and Serious and Organised Crime Division since joining the Bundeskriminalamt over 30-years ago. Additionally, in 2005 he led various projects in the Bundeskriminalamt's Information Technology Division before becoming Chief of Staff of the Director of Information Technology in 2008. For three years he was also head of the Cybercrime Subdivision in the Organised and Serious Crime Division. Since 2016 he has been responsible for the Central Logistics Subdivision located in the Central Administration Division. In October 2019 he was additionally tasked with heading the project group responsible for setting up the Cybercrime Division, which will be established at the Bundeskriminalamt in April 2020.

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