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Bar Hopping Tour of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is no doubt the hub for the most trendy bars in Israel and where many unique boutique beers are served and great art is displayed. This fun bar tour will take you deep into the night life of Tel Aviv, introducing you to the trendy and some of the less known bars.

Old Jaffa Light and Sound Tour

Jaffa, one of the world’s most ancient port cities, will come alive on this tour! Explore the narrow alleyways and learn about the city’s history in an interactive way through funny characters, songs and stories projected on the walls of historic buildings.

Graffiti Tour in Tel Aviv

Join a tour that follows interesting graffiti art around Tel Aviv! You will learn about the secrets of the street artists and see for yourselves what it is like to be a graffiti artists! You will also have a chance to try some paint spraying and go wild on the wall!

Architecture Tour Tel Aviv

Join an a fascinating tour of the Tel Aviv’s architecture. On the tour you will discuss the social and political powers that shaped the way Tel Aviv was designed and built, what made the city change its architecture fashion completely, almost every decade and more. This is a tour into the heart of the city which will give you a better understanding of the city’s history through its architecture.

Culinary tour at Tel aviv

Join a culinary tour that will take you exploring the markets in Tel aviv in a fun and exciting way- tour the market and grab refreshments as we go along. Get to know the people, the streets, the stories, the tastes of vibrant Tel-Aviv.

Fashion tour at Tel aviv

Join “Fashionating Israel” tour- a unique interactive tour, introducing participants to Israel and its culture through fashion. The tour addresses the relationship Israeli fashion has with the various aspects of living in Israel including: identity questions, sub-groups in Israel, immigration to Israel, wars and cultural life.This tour is really a journey into the exploration of Israeli identity, what it contains and how the collective Israeli identity has changed throughout the years. By visiting local brands and learning about Israeli fashion, participants will learn about the history of Israel and get a glimpse into Israel's colorful and unique society.During the tour we will meet old and new fashion brands, designers who use ancient crafts and other professionals who use the best technology. We will walk, talk and shop.

Art and Design tour at Tel aviv

Tel Aviv Secrets- Art & design tour- Get to know all the hidden gems of Tel-Aviv, discover the unknown contemporary artist and designers that are creating their masterpieces right here under your nose, will get to hear their amazing stories and see them in their element. through their stories, we will learn about the diversity that is Israel the different identities that exist here and the beauty they portray.

Southern Tel aviv tour

Tour the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station - this building is a 2.5 million square “white elephant” in the city. It was the product of a grand vision to build an indoor micro-metropolis featuring a shopping mall with thousands of stores, services and entertainment offerings. Until a few years ago, the Central Bus Station was the largest bus terminal in the world. Now it is one of the most notorious buildings in Israel. Yet it is an urban ecosystem of its own, home to a wide range of different users: discount shops, artists, a theater, a Yiddish cultural center, health clinics, societies for foreign workers, stalls serving homemade international cuisines, endangered bats, and, yes, also bus passengers!

Cycling tour at Tel aviv

Challenge yourself with a road cycling trip! This is a great way to explore Israel from a different perspective. Our professional cycling guide will pick you up from the hotel and provide you with 2 top of the line carbon road bikes fit to your size. The tour is suited to your cycling level!

Vegan tour at Tel aviv

Tel Aviv has been repeatedly named the #1 vegan culinary destination in the world. Here is where generations old traditional vegan and vegetarian cuisine meet innovative young chefs to deliver a truly unique culinary experience, a one-of-a-kind savory adventure for food lovers, whether you are vegan or not.You will taste the best dishes of the top vegan restaurants and street food in Tel Aviv handpicked by true foodies.Between the bites we will talk about the philosophy and history of veganism, break all myths around it and learn about healthy nutrition. Join us and try the wide variety of vegan food that our city has to offer. Make sure to come hungry!

Israeli Street food tour

Street food is an invaluable part of Tel Aviv's intriguing culinary scene, the city streets are filled with vendors offering dishes and snacks from every corner of the globe. First of these are the ones we all know: Falafel, Humus, Sabich and Burekas, none originated here, but all are very much Israeli. Any random person off the street will be happy to direct you to the place that makes the best pita dish - After all, they are all the best! Visit the busiest, most famous street food stands in Tel Aviv and try the most iconic Israeli street food dishes.

The Israeli Innovation Center

The Israeli Innovation Center at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation is the first and largest visitor's center of its kind. It presents the incredible story of Israel, the "innovation nation", showcases the diverse fields and people behind Israeli innovation, and welcomes visitors from Israel and around the world with the aim of promoting a better future of prosperity and peace.
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